Mom’s Gone

Each day I wake at about 5:30 a.m.–well before the alarm. It’s the time I plugged into the video cam on Tuesday when I saw my mom struggling at the University Hospital. Her nurse Scott was trying to assist her. She looked at me, so scared.

I am sitting in my home looking at this different screen, crying and wishing there was more I could have done. I know my mother is no longer scared. She is at peace, but I still miss her so much.

If I keep waking early like this, maybe I will finally get on my bike again–bringing the memory of my mom with me–and we’ll do some more Bible study and writing. She would like that.

Please do me a favor–read Psalm 91. I hear it was her favorite. When I played it for her at the hospital, she also asked for Psalm 103. She was a wonderful woman, and she gave me so much. Love you, mom.

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