Month: August 2020


In All Those Old Familiar Places – Mom

The day I left New Jersey, I went back to my mom’s old neighborhood to visit “all those old familiar places.” I took her with me, a small urn of ashes, to spread near her childhood home. When I told her I would make this trip as she lay inRead More


I’ll Be Seeing You Too

While I was out in New Jersey, hunting down some of my mom’s old stomping grounds, her cousins from my grandmother’s Bennetto side, Joan (Joannie) Maly and Veronica (Roni) Belmont, were helping me to figure things out. They still are because I have so many questions I wish my motherRead More


Mom – Photo Mystery Solved

Wedding photo mystery solved! It turns out the colored photo of my mother was taken at her brother Hank’s wedding. Her cousin Roni thought so. We’ve all been excellent mystery sleuths. Right now, I miss my mom so much; I’m having a hard time breathing. I am headed home, andRead More