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By the winter of 2012, my life was a complete mess. I’d been raped, lost my friends, and was trying to get out of another abusive relationship. My business was on the rocks and I was drinking too much. Everything I thought I could keep together wasn’t working. It had always worked before, but this time, nothing I seemed to do pulled this vast mess into shape.

I had nowhere else to go so I went to church. After all, don’t we usually turn to God when the chips are down? I felt like a hypocrite though—an interloper. I’d told God years earlier, about 2005, that I didn’t need Him. In fact, on one drunken night, sitting in my dining room, I’d called Him out. Yes, I challenged God, “If you are there…if you really can help me, then talk to me. Just say or do something.”

Nothing, of course. Thinking back now, I imagine God in heaven, looking down at angry little me and thinking, “Dear one, this will not end well, but I love you enough to let you go.”

When I consider my ultimatum, I know I turned from God because I wanted to do it my way. I’ve always felt a strong Spiritual connection and I’d always felt guilt when doing the “wrong” thing. I simply could not stay committed to God or even really acknowledge Him in my life and then do the things I knew He would not want me to do so I left Him that day in my dining room.

Coming back in 2012 was a big deal. No matter the stage in my life, I always held integrity and I am not a half-measure person. I was either in or out. That February day, I picked in and my life has been a whirlwind ever since. There’s so much change, so much adventure, so many blessings—new rewards and perspective. It’s simply been amazing. It’s been a beautiful little miracle. I’ve created this blog to share some of it with you and to maybe make your journey a little brighter.

I now believe, without any doubt or reservation, that God brought me through all that craziness to bless me with greater compassion and understanding. I see now that He plucked me out of that mess I’d created so I could walk with Him in the utmost confidence that this is where I belong, and if you are reading this, at this exact moment, then this is where you belong too.  Come rest with us…


Mom – Photo Mystery Solved

Wedding photo mystery solved! It turns out the colored photo of my mother was taken at her brother Hank’s wedding. Her cousin Roni thought so. We’ve all been excellent mystery sleuths. Right now, I miss my mom so much; I’m having a hard time breathing. I am headed home, andRead More


Mom’s Old Neighborhood

Today, my cousin, Lisa, and I went on an adventure to find our parents, Carolyn Mary and Hank Lariccia, family home in East Orange, New Jersey. Their cousin, Joannie Maly, had told me it was near the corner of North Park and Dodd Street. We arrived at the corner, andRead More



This morning at breakfast, I saw a woman with a Billie Holiday t-shirt. For those unaware, I had a unique experience around her song I’LL BE SEEING YOU and my mother. The lyrics say, “in all the familiar places.” The parts of NYC my mother ever really mentioned was RADIORead More


Mom-Gates of Heaven Cemetary

Today was an emotional and moving day. I took some of my mother’s ashes to the gravesite of her parents, Henry & Elizabeth Lariccia. While there, we also found her grandparents, Frank and Mary Monica Bennetto. Frank would be the gentleman with the giant mustache in the 1907 picture belowRead More


Birthday to New Jersey

For my 50th birthday, I strapped on a backpack and headed to Italy. On the next one, I pulled the buckles with a tandem jumper and hopped out of an airplane. At 52, I saddled myself with a new house and a mortgage. Today on 53, I pulled up aRead More


Angels’ Wings Psalm 91:11-12

I have been listening to the book, INTO THE LIGHT, by Dr. John Lerma. He was a palliative care doctor who worked in hospice throughout the 1980s and early 90s, who wrote about the experiences of his dying patients. I’m not sure how much this is helping with my grief.Read More


Memories Revelation 1:8

I am out for my ride today, but I did not bike this far today. From where I sit, the Cathedral is still a 30-minute ride from me, if I could bike as fast as Maps thinks I should. The fact that I am so far from a spot IRead More


The Full Extent of His Love John 13:1b

I am finally out for my morning rides. Geez, it is already past mid-July, and I’ve only taken Black Beauty out for a spin one other time this summer. With COVID-19, I got used to being home and sleeping late. Then with my mother dying, I’ve been focused on otherRead More


I’ll Be Seeing You**

Interesting mom story…Yesterday I was thinking about my mom and wrote a post, in which, I asked her to reach out to me. If you missed it, it’s here: These were the words of my request, “It’s been more than a week now, mom, and I do miss you.Read More


Looks Like You, Mom

My sister found this in my mom’s things. I am to the left, my sister to the right. Please note what is written in the corner, “Looks like you, mom.” My mother must have sent this to my grandmother (Nanny), and when my grandma died, it was returned to myRead More