The Eclipse Dance

This rising sun will fully eclipse near the ocean waves around noon today. Much of its path is quite normal. Everyday I’ve lived here, I see the sun begin it’s morning journey on one side of my balcony, and around noon, pass to the other side to warm them too.

Today is special. Today the moon joins the dance. A full eclipse right from my little patio.

There are things I didn’t realize about this little dance.

Sol and Luna dance a lot. Solar eclipses are not as rare as we might think. Partial eclipses happen every year to three years but they occur more frequently over water so we don’t see them.

It’s that like so much of life? Miracles happening, beautiful dances of life that we might miss?

May we all be part of the heartbeat of life, noticing the miracles everywhere around us.

Peace, love, and joy.

And don’t forget your protective glasses. 😉

Morning in Mazatlán

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