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Building treasures through strategic financial insight has been a focus of  my life. Before God placed a desire in my heart to write, He blessed me with a career in the Financial Services industry. I started as a sales representative at an insurance company. Then I moved to a Marketing Director position for a real estate investment firm, and most recently I’ve taught and created financial education courses for Bryan Ventures, Inc.

I only say any of this because I have spent my entire professional career helping to enrich the education of insurance and investment advisors. The people you seek out to help you manage and protect your wealth are the same people who attend my classes. I know and understand the dynamics of investment alternatives, use of debt (or elimination of it), and various savings plans. Our classes also discuss the use of tax and trust strategies and how public policy effects our wealth. It’s what I do, and I’ve been blessed with a very prosperous career…

Until I recommitted myself to a relationship with Jesus Christ in February of 2012. When I did, it was like the financial tap to wealth turned off. My income went from six-figures to about a sixth of that over the next 12 months. There was LOTS of worldly reasons for this—there was a regulatory change that changed the market of my business. I knew my income would fall, but I had NO idea how far, and the correlation with my renewed Spiritual connection was undeniable. God planned to teach me some Spiritual lessons about money and taught me He did.

All of this forced a greater reliance on Him. It also humbled me—greatly. I used to believe that much of what we did and how much wealth we were able to create was of our own making. Through these changes, I began to see how, even when we do ALL the right things and work hard, earnings isn’t always fair in the worldly sense. In God’s economy, He can make much of little, just like Jesus with the loaves and fish (Matthew 14:13-21). He can also fix the flow of money so that when logically we have an abundance, we simply can’t buy much. God’s economy is sometimes, maybe often, counterintuitive to the financial advice of the world.

I plan to write a book about what I’ve learned, and this book questions some of the financial teachings passed around in many churches today. Until then, if you are seeking some immediate financial lessons from a worldlier perspective, you are welcome to take or attend any of the classes available at Bryan Ventures, Inc. If you do not need the continuing education credits we provide, simply use the coupon code wrongway-no-ce at checkout to receive a 50% discount. Please also feel free to reach out to me through our business channels. The email is available at our website,

Matthew 6:19-21


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