Expectations Are Funny Things

When I moved here, in this building specifically, I expected the sunrise to be shining brightly right from my window greeting me each morning. Then beautiful Sol moved east from my beautiful center.

At the the winter solstice in December, I thought, that’s it–it’s over. The sun will move back to greet me. Instead, it has continued to move further to the left, soon it will be off frame.

Will the solstice in June bring it back to the place that I prefer? I do not even want to plan. This is so much like the expectations of life.

Everything is constantly moving. While I can make my plans, I cannot control anything. I simply must be ready to love and appreciate the Light freely given to me when she arrives. It makes no sense to try to fight it. I cannot change it.

The only thing I can change is my perspective. I can find a new view. I can take the Light From where I find it, and share it best I can. And beautiful Sol will do her thing regardless of what I choose.

Feliz domingo, amigos.

My heart is with you.

Morning in Mazatlán

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