Month: December 2019


A Prayer for Unity – John 17:20-26

The picture to the left is of two adorable people that I love—Paul & Tife. This little family is one of the blessings God has brought to my path. I went to visit them this past Saturday, and on my journey home, I thought about how grateful I am toRead More


Open My Mind – Luke 24:45

I am sitting here, trying to read and understand the Scriptures, and today it is just not breaking through. I’m at John 17 as Jesus continues to talk to the disciples about events that are to come to pass, and I feel a bit like the words tell me thoseRead More


The Joy of Exercise John 15:9-11

Why am I not the sort of person who wants to exercise? Please don’t get me wrong, I want to exercise. I love the feeling, but this morning, like so many others, I woke up and rolled over instead. Maybe what I should say is, “Why do I like toRead More