Open My Mind – Luke 24:45

I am sitting here, trying to read and understand the Scriptures, and today it is just not breaking through. I’m at John 17 as Jesus continues to talk to the disciples about events that are to come to pass, and I feel a bit like the words tell me those men felt. They couldn’t get it. They frequently asked Jesus just to say it in plain English.

That is not really what happened. First, Jesus spoke Aramaic. There was no English speaking going on, and many times they asked Jesus nothing. They usually would be chatting amongst themselves, saying things like, “What the heck is he talking about? Did you understand that?” Then Jesus would come over and lay it out in a little clearer context.

There are many verses in the Bible like Luke 24:45, where it says, “He then opened their minds so they could understand the scriptures…” I’m not alone in this struggle for the words to permeate my limited comprehension. God is limitless. I am limited.

The Creator of the Universe thinks in expansive thoughts. Just like God says in Isaiah 55:8-9, “My thoughts are not your thoughts…” Every time I try to put God on my plane, in any area close to me in understanding, comprehension, or intellect, I’ve done a great disservice to both of us. I just brought God down to my level and if God is as human as I am, why would I turn my life over with complete reliance on someone like me? I’ve got enough experience being me to know that I fail me (and others around me) all the time.

Maybe, before I sit here, attempting to gain closeness to our Creator through these written words, I should pray that They open my heart, mind, and soul to the ideas and concepts that should be revealed to me today.

Dearest Heavenly Father (Mother), I am blessed for the understanding and gifts you’ve given me thus far, and I want to know you better. As I seek you in your words and your world, please continue to reveal to me the things that you might have me know so I might better do your will. May I do your will always. In Your Mighty and Holy Name…

Praying Over the City in South Saint Paul, Minnesota

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