Month: July 2018


Giving It to God

Praying over the City at Cathedral of Saint Paul, National Shrine of the Apostle Paul. July 31, 2018 This morning I kept up with the “big” bikers! LOL! You know, the peeps with the bike shorts and the shirts that make them look like they are in a race. Yes, oneRead More


Saying Goodbye with Grace

Praying over the City. Saint Paul, MN July 30, 2018 Yesterday evening, Lauren drove off to head back home to Grand Forks. After she left here, she went to a friend’s house to say goodbye to them too–high school friends she hardly sees. All of this got me thinking of how manyRead More


To the Weary and Burdened Matthew 11:26-30

Praying over the City in Saint Paul, Minnesota. July 28, 2018 · I just created a whole FB post about this picture and today’s prayer…and POOF! Gone. (It may be somewhere…it was four paragraphs, but I can’t find it so here is the abbreviated version. This is an important one!) This isRead More