Month: March 2020


Making the Tough Choices – John 19:12

After a long rest, I logged into my gospel notes to find I hadn’t been here since December 31st. Just about three full months since I’d dug into the Word to let it speak to me. That’s horrible. It’s mortifying. To not participate in something that has brought me soRead More


Lent Fasting — Week Two

Here’s today’s smoothie. Same ingredients as last week–PB powder, banana, almond milk, chia and flax seeds. I only had one last Wednesday. Maybe I’ll do the same today.There are a few things I’ve noticed. One, I have a hard time concentrating during the day. It’s much easier without food atRead More


Lent Fasting – Week One

I decided to fast every Wednesday through Lent, maybe longer. I did this two years ago and I really loved it. I didn’t LOVE going without food. That part was hard, but I did love how in tune I became to my own physical limitations, the blessings I have, andRead More