Lent Fasting – Week One

I decided to fast every Wednesday through Lent, maybe longer. I did this two years ago and I really loved it. I didn’t LOVE going without food. That part was hard, but I did love how in tune I became to my own physical limitations, the blessings I have, and the suffering of food scarcity.

I’ll allow myself a couple of smoothies a day. This one has a banana, coconut milk, peanut butter powder, chia, & flax seed. Just consider that for one moment, all of the ingredients I have¬†available in my home, at any given moment, to add into the drink I get to consume while FASTING.

I’ve done just water and coffee before. It’s so hard to focus. It is difficult to get through the day. Now, think like I do when I have those weak moments, of the MILLIONS of people who have NO other choice. They have no food. They have no coffee. Some have no water.

Yes, I’m excited to fast and be in solidarity with those in the world that lack the most. We here are so blessed. So very blessed.

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