Lent Fasting — Week Two

Here’s today’s smoothie. Same ingredients as last week–PB powder, banana, almond milk, chia and flax seeds. I only had one last Wednesday. Maybe I’ll do the same today.
There are a few things I’ve noticed. One, I have a hard time concentrating during the day. It’s much easier without food at night where I can choose what I might be able to do but to focus on my work, in front of a computer, just sitting here without proper nutrients is hard. As I consider this, I am thinking of cute little kids, in classrooms, that deal with food scarcity all the time.
Here’s another thought–last week I got really scared in the afternoon considering how I might get through the remaining hours of the day. How hungry would I get? Would I have enough energy for my plans? Could I do it all without getting hangry at those around me? What a horrible feeling that way too many people deal with every day.
I also noticed that I spent a lot of my ‘fast’ day thinking about food. Granted, I wonder often if I think about ‘food’ too much–what I’ll eat, when I’ll eat it, do I have the ingredients, should I shop–ad infinitum. But my last fast day, it was tenfold. I’d planned all meals for the day that followed by about noon, and as I did so, I thanked God that I had the option to do so. How heartbreaking for those that a tomorrow without food looks just like today without food.

Lent Fasting Week 2 Smoothie

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