The Power 2 Timothy 1:7

Praying over the city at Bruegger’s Bagels (800 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN).

October 6, 2018· Saint Paul ·

I planned to clean my house today but decided this winter will be full of “cleaning” days, so I went for a ride instead. It was chilly, but very, very worth it. I need this time with God to refresh my soul and the bagels aren’t bad either.

This morning, as I scrolled through my Facebook, I came across the meme associated with this post on my very Spiritually expressive and loving friend’s wall. It features 2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

She had chosen to add the words, “peace and calm” to her share so as I read the verse I expected to see PEACE instead of POWER and the stark contrast in definition struck me. God does offer us peace. In fact, if you read 2 Timothy, it starts with Paul stating to Timothy, “Grace, mercy, and peace…” (verse 2), but this letter is written to help bolster Timothy’s faith to preserve for the good cause and mission that Jesus has placed before them in the face of much adversity.

When I considered this verse, it calls us to be bold, but restrained. To walk confidently in the power God has placed before us, but to do it in loving kindness. That fear may arise, yet we are to recognize that is not from our Creator, so we must push it aside instead because we may want to be timid, to recoil. To really do God’s will, we must seek His strength in our mission. Peace may not be part of this package. In fact, 2 Timothy talks quite a bit of the persecution early Christians faced spreading the message of hope Christ had left with them.

My friend may have found PEACE and CALM in this verse because she trusts God implicitly, and that is a wonderful thing—quite beautiful indeed. As I pondered this more, so many people contained in the pages of the Bible faced adversity—like EVERYONE. At this moment, I cannot recall anyone that God called upon that did not face resistance or an event that would cause fear. Even look at the persecution that Jesus faced simply to come here and tell us to love people—love, mercy, grace—and stop worrying about rules, control, and greed.

Further consider this, the remarkable people from history that we admire are those that overcame fear and boldly stood for a mission that helped others and made our world better. Their path was NOT peaceful. They encountered much resistance, some sacrificing their lives for it, but in each instance, you can see the power of love and self-discipline working through them. This verse, these words, and the thought comforted me. Whatever you might be struggling through, please know that God is with you and He is there to offer you everything you need to preserver.

Dearest Heavenly Father, it can be so scary down here. The prowling lion is everywhere, and he is a GREAT deceiver. Please speak Your truth to us so that we might boldly go forward with your Power, Love and Self-control. We seek Your will and uphold Your mission gladly. We work to make this world better for everyone You love, and You created. In Your Mighty and Holy name…

My gosh, do I thank my friend for that inspiration. It brought me into the Word and hopefully stirred you to go forth on whatever mission He has called you. Please bring any prayer requests forward. I love you and He is with you.

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