Immoral Immigration Hebrews 13:2

Praying over the city

October 8, 2018· Saint Paul ·

There are many cities across America doing away with Columbus Day and placing Indigenous People’s Day in honor instead. I am grateful for this move. The proud and powerful people who are the original inhabitants in many lands and what they have suffered is rarely recognized.

I was so blessed this past summer to attend my first Pow Wow at Prairie Island. I can’t believe I hadn’t done this before. It was both Spiritually energizing and thought provoking all at the same time. The double blessing, the sweet icing on this yummy cake, I was accompanied by my daughter’s college roommate, a bright young woman who is a member of the Mdewakanton, “those who were born of the waters,” who have lived on Prairie Island for countless generations. She shared with us just a small portion of what life is like on the reservation as well as understanding of the many traditions of the Pow Wow. It truly was a wonderful experience and considering it warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. So strong is the Spiritual connection.

With so much debate about immigration, I think it is important to consider the history of America from a Native perspective. I want to make this point abundantly clear, in each of the points listed below, as my daughter’s friend described them, she was NOT angry, resentful, or even pitiful. Each time she shared, the calm, even-toned statement was, “It was another promise broken.” That is all. She handled the discussion with so much amazing grace it was clear that she is an accurate representation of the proud Indigenous people of this land and many others.

  • The reservation floods nearly every time it rains. Granted, the land they inhabit has now been shored up and is not at the same flood risk, but the low-lying areas, the roads coming in and out, flood nearly every rain. She told us the land was not farmable and why it was designated as the reservation.
  • The Prairie Island power plant was supposed to be steam reliant, but once the tribe agreed to the location, shortly after it was changed to nuclear.
  • The nuclear waste is stored near the power plant and the residents of the reservation whose homes boarder that area have a higher incidence of cancer. In fact, cancer is not prevalent in the tribe at all except in the homes near the plant.

I encourage you to read the history of this tribe and the suffering this one group of Native People experienced at the hand of the Settlers and early government of the United States:

In Hebrews 13:2 it says, “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” This was not the stance the early settlers took when they came to America. In fact, Colonialism saw to it that we harmed many indigenous people of many lands and our stance as Christians was not hospitable to strangers we encountered, and the sad thing is, even now today, hundreds of years later, many times it still is not.

Consider this, if you are one of the people running around concerned about ILLEGAL immigration, chances are you are here immorally. The Indigenous people who inhabited this great land, and other spaces just like this, suffered horribly the hands of European settlers who believed colonization, transplanting ourselves and taking over other lands, was our “right”. In the process, we robbed people of their dignity, their land, their resources, their security, and their lives. This is IMMORAL immigration and far worse than crossing a border without the proper paperwork.

Two other points to consider:

  1. The states that border Mexico used to be inhabited by Mexicans. This is NOT our land. This is their land. Through the same warring and humiliation process, Americans took this space from the people we now don’t want to let in.
  2. Borders are man made. God gave us this whole earth. He sent Jesus to tell us to love each other and to care for each other, and through policies that do not treat people equitably, we are making a mess of that plan.

If your ideal immigration plan does not include love, tolerance, acceptance, kindness, and generosity for all people, I wonder if that is God’s plan. I further encourage you to pray for Him to reveal His wisdom and His heart about this very important matter.

Dearest Heavenly Father, You love ALL of us equally. All people of this earth matter to You and when Jesus was here, as He spoke on the Mount, through the Beatitudes, He told us of your blessings to the meek, poor in spirit, the peacemakers, and those that suffer for righteousness. May we, while we are here, begin to see how we can offer blessings and support to all people. Your world has no borders. Your love is for everyone. Please empower us to offer Your mercy and grace to ALL people—just as you would have it. In your Mighty and Holy Name…

I love you all. If you have prayer requests, please lay them on me.

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