In Her Heart Luke 2

Praying over the city at Starbucks (234 Snelling Avenue North, Saint Paul, MN).

October 9, 2018 · Saint Paul ·

I woke early today to make it to 5:45 a.m. spin-class. This pic was taken at nearly 7 a.m. and the sun still hasn’t arrived. That’s okay though—I really do like starting my day early. It seems I accomplish so much more. The spin class, I’m not so sure about though. I peddled away in the back unsure what “cadence” was. Granted, I am familiar with “cadence” in voice, but as the instructor kept talking about it in relationship to biking, I had not a clue. If you know, help a girl out and post or message me.

As I pondered that, I also considered something I’d come across in my Biblical studies. Twice in Luke 2, as miracles of a young Jesus were revealed, it says that Mary “ponders and treasured these things in her heart.” (Luke 2:19 and 2:51). There may be more references of the kind, but as I came across each, I noted them and have continued to wonder about this reference.

Women are a powerful force in society. In this instance, in these early chapters of Luke, Joseph is hardly mentioned. It’s Mary networking to family connections and spreading goodwill before the birth of her son. It’s Mary that fully accepts this new responsibility of the birth of this child. It’s Mary who asks her son, Jesus, why he stayed at the Temple, and it’s Mary who treasures these things in her heart. Mary is projected as a good, loving, and wholesome wife, mother, and citizen. She is honorable, kind, strong, and forthright…and she “ponders and treasures these things in her heart…”

The reason this impacted me so much right now is women, who offer all these wonderful things to our society and more, are being undervalued, diminished, and harmed. In America, women are under attack. If we were unacknowledged and unappreciated before, that problem just increased 10-fold, and there are many women in America, sitting back just like Mary, and pondering these things in our heart.

We are also treasuring the value we offer, and so are many men who are choosing to rise to protect us. Many of us see this attack with clear sight, while others are amazingly blind. Injustice seems a part of life, yet we all crave to make things right. I am uncertain how those in power believe what they are doing is right—to continue to debase and defame women. Our concerns, that are very legitimate, for our safety and security which will also allow us to thrive, seems less important in the face of power. There is a sick force removing the value we represent and, of course, this would cause us to ponder in the place we are hurt the most, our hearts.

I’m unsure what I will do. There is part of me that wants to simply leave and go teach English to young children in Southeast Asia. To just be a part of young, free lives, and not be subjected to this harmful mess. I fully understand that human rights and women’s equality will still be a struggle there, but if I commit myself to this small part of helping, I won’t have to be so overwhelmed with this enormous and frightening problem. I had no idea this much hate existed for women. None.

I’ve been praying much about it. Where would God have me. I know He has chosen to use pain many times to move me where He’d have me and the transition, while sometimes uncomfortable, leads me to a better place. If you are like me, and you too are feeling the oppression of this hate, let Mary be your guide. She was quite the courageous young woman. Unsure where this journey would lead her, she simply embraced it and trusted God. She, like us, was an honorable woman. An angel even came to tell her she had found favor with God and He was with her. (Luke 1:28-38). Yes, if she too could take this journey into the unknown, I think we can do it too. Remember He is with you and He has set forth angels to be your guide.

Dearest Heavenly Father, there is so much injustice in this broken world. May we do our part to bring light into the darkness. To stand boldly with You. With humility, help us to determine what course You would choose for us. We know we will be blessed for following You. May we uphold, encourage, and love those around us who might be broken by this, and Lord, to those creating this harm, may You open their eyes, so we can stop the hurt. In Your Mighty and Holy Name…

I love you all. Truly. If you have any prayer requests, please bring them forward. You matter to me.

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