Prayer for our Soldiers

Praying over the City at Nina’s Coffee Cafe.

August 10, 2018 · Saint Paul ·

I haven’t been on my normal schedule this week for a variety of reasons, all good. My favorite day was Wednesday. I was scheduled to serve lunch at the Union Gospel Mission with a youth group from a church in Shoreview. Mostly girls, all adorable. Since my travels that day would bring me about 6 miles from my home, I decided to skip my normal ride and bike to the UGM Men’s Campus on University around noon instead. It was wonderful to cruise right on past the Cathedral, finally taking advantage of the downhill side, right into the beautiful lawn of the Minnesota State Capital. It was so wonderful, I may add that to future rides.

As I passed one of the parking lots, a soldier walking into the campus paused for me to ride by. I thanked him and as our eyes met, I saw how somber he was. Thinking back to it, it was shocking. I did not, in any way shape or form, expect to see that level of gravity on that young man’s face. It was so alarming, I almost wanted to stop and ask if he was okay. Even now, I feel compelled again to pray with him, but, like I do way too frequently, I brushed aside that feeling, at the time telling myself, “What could an old lady like me do to help a brave soldier?” Or, he is going to think I am nuts, or I am belittling him, for asking. I told myself long ago, “If a ‘good’ thought comes to mind—something helpful, something kind—just do it.” But I don’t always. Still in training on that and maybe the discussion of a future post.

I have no idea why he was so sad or why the status of his life was so apparent on his face at that moment. It could be anything really. A fight with his wife, bad news about his parents, or the work he had to conduct that day—the options are endless and now I’ll never know the cause. I peddled off praying for him and I am putting some of those words in the offering below.

Our loving Creator, some of us are passing through some painful times in our lives. Hold us through it and bring people near to us that can comfort us. Our very brave soldiers have an important job to do, Lord. Please keep them safe mentally, physically, and emotionally. We ask them to do so much—at times, too much for a person to bear so please take the burden from them. For the commanding officers, may they understand their important role and do the utmost to keep our soldiers safe and maintain peace in the world. This is a BIG job, with lots of complexities. Only You know the answer so please guide us all with your infinite wisdom.

I’ve been putting it off, in lieu of other work, but I will probably put together my blogging site. Unsure how that will be organized but look for likes and posts from

A request for you. Another friend shared with me that her 26-year-old brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I don’t understand it and the gravity of this sort of thing leaves me speechless. Please pray for them and all others afflicted. Your prayers are with me. Peace out!

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