It’s Hard to See John 9:1-12

I’ve been thinking a lot about these rides to the Cathedral. Actually, I’ve been considering the power of this building to calm me—to center me—to help me breathe in the Spiritual connection to our Creator. This has become very important to me because I am considering moving farther away from it and the city that holds so many of my friends. Granted, farther away is just a few miles, but when you are pedaling on two wheels, those few miles doubles the cardio time. I also fear becoming isolated. It wasn’t my plan. I wanted to stay in the city, but housing costs are so much higher and the market so dense, with my tight budget, I can’t compete.

This is a big decision and last night a friend asked, “Are you praying about it?” Oh my, YES! I’ve been praying all along that God guide me and reveal His will. So many of my friends are also praying for me. I know His hand is in this. There are too many nudges (or shoves :D) to deny that this transition in my life is destined. However, determining some of the specifics like which house and at how much, well, let’s just say, God has not provided clear cut directions on all of that.

In it, I feel a bit like this cloudy day. I know the sun is there. Exactly where it is, gosh darn, I’m unsure. I know it’s normally a bit to the left just above the buildings at this time of day. I trust that it’s there, yet I can’t see it. I have to rest in the faith that it will once again appear again, and to date, that has happened each time I can’t see the sun. Eventually, it reappears. Just like the blind man Jesus heals in John 9:1-12, Jesus places mud on his eyes and after the man washes it off as instructed, he sees. His friends don’t believe it, but the truth is there.

I don’t want to miss out on seeing the miracle. Maybe God needs me to step out of my comfort zone, wash out my eyes, and witness some new blessing. There are good people and much work to be done everywhere. If I want to make the most of the years I have left, and I do, I need to get busy sharing the truth. Besides, biking a few extra miles will be good for my heart and soul (I think :D).

Dearest Heavenly Father (Mother), making our way in your will can be trying at times. Not always to we clearly see the route you might prefer for us. Please guide and direct us. Wash out our eyes from the earthy perspective so we may see your Spiritual direction more clearly. In Your Mighty Name…

If you have prayer requests, please bring them forward. He is with you.

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