God is Everywhere

Praying over the city at Cathedral of Saint Paul, National Shrine of the Apostle Paul.

August 30, 2018 · Saint Paul ·

A new view at the Cathedral today. Majestic, isn’t it? We sure build some beautiful houses for God, even though we know He’s everywhere AND He built some of the most beautiful places to worship him anyway. Building GREAT buildings for God has been going on quite some time. Just read 1 Kings 6 to find out more about the temple Solomon built. In fact, Google told me there are 100 references in the Bible about this temple…if you believe Google. 😉

Yesterday, a friend with whom I’ve had limited contact the last several years reached out for a prayer request. I was so honored that these prayers had touched her in such a way that she felt comfortable reaching out.

Another friend encouraged me to get started on a book I’ve had on my heart for several years. I shared the idea with her as I was explaining the vision for my blog and the passion God has placed on my heart to write. She was so gracious and kind through a difficult conversation.

I told a customer, long-standing customer who loves our classes, that I plan to expand my career into writing. Her response, “We’ll read anything you put out there.”

Another customer, calling to register, got a bit off topic and started talking about John McCain. Being a veteran himself, he had some disparaging things to say about his confessions while held prisoner and not holding party lines during the ACA repeal. We talked of McCain’s convictions. His strength and willingness to stand for what he believed regardless of popularity and the good things he did as a result. We talked of the horrible torture he endured, and his honor in letting other soldiers leave even though he could have been released. At the end of this conversation, this very same customer said, “Renee, you have a way of putting things that gets me thinking in a better way and I like that.”

I say all of this because God is EVERYWHERE and He’s moving us into His directions ALL the time. He placed a passion in my heart, He’s provided the talents and gifts to do it, and He’s providing the encouragement and direction I need along the way.

He’s doing the same for you. Search your heart and find what really moves you. If you could do anything you really wanted, what would that be? Staying home with your kids or caring for your grandkids? Going back to school to start a new career? Start a business? Pastor a church? Missionary work? Teach English in a foreign land? Counsel others? What is it? There is a passion there and God wants you to have it. He places those passions, those ideas, to move us in His direction…and just think how much more fulfilling our lives are when we get there. When we are working in our gifts, passions, and talents that He designed us specifically for it’s BLISS.

Yesterday, and all these things I’ve mentioned happened just yesterday, a friend posted this quote, ““When it’s not God’s timing, you can’t force it and when it is God’s timing, you can’t stop it.”~ teaching pastor and author Craig Groechel

When I read it, I prayed that God have that force in my life. I feel it, but He’s got to make it happen. Today I pray He place that force on you too.

Dearest Heavenly Father, you created each of us for a Devine purpose and you placed a passion in our heart, just like a mini-GPS, directing us on the path you designed just for us. Lord, please remove any fear we might have to take the journey and bless us along the way. Continue to bring encouragers forward to direct and guide us on the path of Your will. Life is bliss when we do Your work. In Your Holy and Mighty Name…

Lay those requests on me. I am honored to be on this journey with you.

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