Caught in a Storm Isaiah 45:8

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August 5, 2018 · Saint Paul ·

Last Friday when I left the gym, I was struck by a downpour. It did not start that way. When I got to the gym, it was overcast, but no rain. As I was working out, I thought I detected some rain outside. Nothing of measure and sure enough, when I wrapped up, my bike was wet, yet it really was only a sprinkle, so I hopped on for the 1.5-mile ride home.

As I passed I94, I was caught in a deluge of water falling from the skies. It was on. I had some choices—stop at Concordia to wait it out, but honestly, that never even occurred to me. I went on auto-pilot and just kept peddling. Even when my glasses fogged, and I wished I had “window wipers” for them, my only thought was keep going and watch traffic. As my shoes filled with water—yes, I could feel them filling with little puddles—I started to enjoy this. The challenge of it. How refreshing it was, and I kept thinking of the irony that I’d just posted about thanking God and trusting Him when the storm hits. In fact, thinking back on it now, I consider it a fun experience and would honestly love doing it again.

When we are in the storm, we only have two choices—fight it or embrace it. We can’t change it. I couldn’t have stopped the rain that day. No way, no how. As I peddled along, I could fight it by being upset—mad at myself for not managing my time better or even checking the weather, mad at God for bringing the rain, or even mad at ALL the people on the street for not helping me.

I could have done any or all of that, and there have been many times in my life when I’ve been caught in the storm that I’ve done just that. Been mad about the situation and let lots of negative emotions brew, but this is the deal—stewing in the negative stuff never got me anywhere. In fact, each time I allowed that choice, that angry vortex expended time and energy, and NEVER got me anywhere. Most times, that choice kept me stuck. So today, I am so super grateful that I could embrace the rain and ride with it.

Dear Heavenly Father, we can’t stop the rain. There are things that happen in our lives that are completely out of our control. When those storms hit, I pray we lean into you and let it roll. Bringing joy with the drops and having fun in the hardship. Give us the energy and the focus to keep going, and if our sight gets a little foggy, please show us the way, and God, please keep us safe, and offer safety to those we love, as we peddle away.

May you be blessed today, tomorrow, and every day. LOVE you tons, and if you have a prayer request for me, post or message me.

Isaiah 45:8 New Living Translation (NLT)

“Open up, O heavens,
and pour out your righteousness.
Let the earth open wide
so salvation and righteousness can sprout up together.
I, the Lord, created them.

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