The Long Way Home John 6:16-21

Yesterday, my ride took me on a different journey. I had some pressing work to complete, so when I woke, I jumped right into that and postponed my biking until later morning. Meeting a couple of friends on West 7th for breakfast, my return route allowed me to approach the Cathedral from the front capturing this picture. There is something incredibly calming each time I rest my eye on it. I needed that Peace. Oh man, do I need it.

This trek brought me along the paths that border I35E where homeless tent communities rested last year. This year, there are signs posted telling such visitors they should not stay here. The day prior, as a friend and I walked near Mounds Park, there were fences place in the bridge overhangs, telling those that are weary and need a place of rest, that they are not welcome.

I found both heartbreaking. What does it really hurt to allow someone to stay there when they have no where else to be? I’m certain this is a complex problem, with several variables I am just not considering in this moment, yet I can’t help but think, “Isn’t it better to be helpful?” In the end, maybe the best course of action is to assist in finding long-term, stable housing, and just like my ride, this is the long way home.

As I’ve been making my way through the Book of John, I noticed in 6:16-21 there was the story of Jesus walking on water. In this version, as Jesus gets in the boat, they are seemingly catapulted to their destination:

“Then they were willing to take him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading.” John 6:21 NIV

If you read through this same miracle in Matthew 14:22-33 or Mark 6:45-52, you do not find this same line or reference. In fact, each version has a slightly different angle which is part of what makes the Bible such a fascinating read.

So much in life can be a matter of perspective. When I look back on certain transitions in my life, they now don’t seem so bad. There are some that brought better blessings than I might have considered and even though the journey at times was rough, once it’s over, it doesn’t seem as perilous, and the long way home in the recall seems far more immediate.

That is my prayer today for those without a home and for any of the readers struggling with where you might be headed. May the Lord calm the waters and bring you immediately to shore. We all deserve to come home, even if we take the long way.

Dearest Heavenly Father (Mother), please place your loving arms of Protection and Peace around every one of us. There is real pain in this world. People in search of a real home. Calm the waters and immediately bring them to shore. We need your loving calm for the journey. In Your Might Name…

Should you have prayer requests, please bring them forward. I love our Spiritual connection. Peace.

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