Simple Reminders John 1:14

Praying Over the City at Dunning Field.

This morning I got a late start (again :)). Granted, I was up early enough, but jumped into my standard work before taking off on my ride and I’m glad I did. Just moments before capturing this picture, I witnessed a young man, dressed in a suit, headed toward the capital with a briefcase and all, take a moment to do the Sign of the Cross as he encountered the Cathedral steps. For those unfamiliar with this, one places their fingertips at their forehead and say, “Father.” Then move them to center chest, “Son”, and then as one touches each breast, “Holy Spirit”.

Some might consider this a silly tradition. There are certainly lots of things in religion and in dogma that are not necessary to connect with our Creator, yet when I saw this, I smiled deep and I am certain, without one measure of doubt, God did too. Every time we take a moment to acknowledge Him (or Her), to reach out in any way we can, we have furthered our relationship with our God.

God is a relational being. He (She) created us to be in communion. Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden and would talk with God routinely. This separation is of our doing. John 1:14 puts forth, so beautifully, the extent God has gone to be near us, “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us…full of grace and truth.”

Wouldn’t it be so great today to be able to talk to Jesus? To walk with Him, wherever He might go, so that we might soak in all that He is? Each and every time we take a moment to breathe in the fresh air with a little prayer, or look to the Heavens to calm ourselves, or hug someone with real love, or do the Sign of the Cross, we honor God with the grace, love, and truth He so generously shared with us.

Dearest Heavenly Father (Mother), you are in everything. Your handprint and pulse is everywhere. May we take a moment and acknowledge you throughout the day. We pray to be ever reminded of your presences so we might have the blessing of walking with you. In Your Mighty Name…

If you have prayer requests, please bring them forward.

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