Mistakes Accepted Luke 9:37-56

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October 26, 2018 · Saint Paul ·

Tonight, as I am studying Luke, I get to this section in the 9th chapter between verse 37 and 56 when I am overcome by all the mistakes the disciples are making. First, they can’t heal a sick boy and Jesus admonishes them a bit about it. In fact, He says, “How long should I stay and put up with you?” (Luke 9:41) Ouch! After this “sting”, they are a bit taken aback and afraid to ask what He’s talking about when He says He’ll be betrayed. (Luke 9:44-45)

Then they decide to debate about who’s the greatest amongst them. (Luke 9:46) You can imagine how Jesus set them straight on that.

John, to recover from all this backlash, and possibly redeem himself and the group, chimes in to say, “Hey, we saw this dude driving out demons in Your name, but since this guy was not with us, we told him to stop.” This is paraphrasing Luke 9:49, and here’s Jesus’ paraphrased retort in verse 50, “What? This guy was helping people in my name and you thought it was a good idea to stop him? Listen, if someone isn’t against you—in other words, if they are doing the same work as you to help the Kingdom—don’t stop them. Geez.”

Then, you are going to love what happens in Luke 9:52-56. Here Jesus is working His way to Jerusalem and wants to stop in a village along the way, but the planning committee is failing. Essentially, the people of that town are not extremely receptive. John, with his brother James, to the rescue again, speaks up and says, “Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?”

I got to that line and nearly laughed out loud. What the heck? Point one, overreact much? Call fire down from heaven since the plans didn’t work right?!?!?! What? Next thought, pretty sure Jesus doesn’t need your help with that IF that’s what He wanted to do. Not to mention the serenity and emotional maturity of just accepting things as they are. Oh, my word, John is on a roll.

This section doesn’t tell us what Jesus said, just that He turned and rebuked them, and went to another village. Serious—that’s the text for verse 56. I figure one of two things happened, Jesus, completely exasperated at this stage, exhausted from their endless antics, simply looks at John and says, “Yeah, no thanks on that one.” Or lets him really have it—the full and complete REBUKE. LOL!

This is the very important message I got out of all of this—if I feel like I’ve made a mess of things. If I feel unworthy. If I feel like I don’t measure up and keep making mistake after mistake and/or I just don’t get it, it does not matter. Mistakes are accepted in the Kingdom. I’m still invited in and I can still be used to help further God’s mission.

John went on to be instrumental in furthering Jesus’ message. He was the oldest living disciple, out surviving all others of the original 12 and he penned five of the books of the Bible. The only apostle more prolific was Paul. In fact, due to John’s bravery and willingness to be bold, he is the only one noted to have been at the crucifixion of Christ.

Heck, we all make mistakes. Without question, I’ve had some big ones. The worst of it is, sometimes, just like John, I’m trying to do the “right” thing, and my path is wrong. The intention was good, the result was bad, BUT all of that is okay. In God’s reality, mistakes are accepted. He loves us anyway and knows He can use us in our brokenness.

Dearest Heavenly Father, You are the Master planner. You are without flaws and I am so grateful that even in my imperfections, You can still use me. Please help me to accept my brokenness and see myself as you see me, Your child who is loved and created for Your glory. In Your Holy and Mighty name…

Please share any prayer requests with me. You are always with me.


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