God’s Grandeur

Praying over the City at JS Bean Factory.

August 1, 2018

I am so grateful I captured this picture yesterday as I was leaving the Cathedral. With today’s rain, I didn’t bike, and I certainly cannot see the skies. Unsure if you can see it, but the moon, in broad daylight, is just to the left of the marble wall. When I turned the corner, it was stunning. It made me pause, reflect, and I had to capture the sight. This picture does NOT do justice to the size or the gravity of the view.

When I saw it, I had this overwhelming feeling of “awe”. That the world is so BIG, so vast, and the moon looks over it all. In a split second, I thought, “This moon looks over everyone, everywhere. It’s seen by people in Italy, Morocco, Brazil, Liberia, Russia, India, Japan, Australia…people standing next to structures just like this ALL over the world.” It is odd to try to put into words the immediate hyper-connection I felt to God and all people of the world. I call these “God Moments”. If you’ve felt one, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you never have, I pray that your soul is opened to the experience. It’s like nothing else.

No wonder people look to the Heavens to find God. It’s no wonder people look up to revere Him—to seek Him. The sunset, the clouds, the stars, the moon…and the vast expanses are so beautiful and awe inspiring. Even sitting here now, considering some of the sights I’ve seen when I take a moment to look up and/or out, is causing tears to well in my eyes as a remember the majesty I’ve witness through the beauty God has placed before and around us. He didn’t need to do this. We could have a different view all around us; however, He chose to bless us with grandeur all around—in the oceans, in the skies, in the forests…even underground. It’s proof He’s there, and He loves us.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for all you’ve provided to make our lives more beautiful. I pray today that we each take a moment to look around and breathe deep, thank you for the trees that make oxygen for us to breathe. The skies, the water, the cloud, the animals—all placed here to provide for and to protect us. You are a loving God and we see Your hand in all things. Thank you for loving us today.

Man, I had no idea that was the direction this would go. I knew that moon hit me, but I didn’t realize all that was in there. I love when God just unpacks it for me. Your prayers are with me over coffee. I love you and please let me know if there is more I can do for you.

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