At The Same Time Ecclesiastes 3

Praying over the city at Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort.

OctoberGranite Falls

Last night I planned to get to the hotel so that I could enjoy the sunset. I had hoped, since I was driving west, that I could drive into the sunset. Granted, that might have created a painful glare, but I really would have been able to catch the entire show. Living in the city now, I really miss the sunsets. The buildings block the view and to me, there is something incredibly Spiritual in the sun coming or going. I arrived here just in time to check in, get my bags in the room, and head out for an evening walk.

Since there was little cloud cover, the setting wasn’t as stellar as it sometimes is, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. As I turned to walk back, I didn’t want to be caught out on the prairie after dark, I saw that the moon had joined us too. Quite literally, to my left the sun was setting, and as I turned my head to the right, the moon was there in full view. Both here at the same time. The paradox was quite breathtaking, and it got me thinking that sometimes in life, two things, seemingly opposite, can exist at the same time. This circumstance can be hard to accept, but true integrity lies in the balance of accepting this truth.

I completely understand that this statement is unclear, so I ask you to consider this, is it possible to believe Dr. Ford and still want Kavanaugh appointed? Why certainly it is. Those two things can coexist and quite possible do in some people; however, the paradox is difficult to accept. After all, if I believe Dr. Ford, my morality might then dictate that I cannot support Kavanaugh, but in truth, I can—or could—if I was honest with myself and allowed both to coexist.

Further consider this, I could like Trump as a president—liking his policies and his agenda—but dislike his demeanor. Those two things could coexist. I could like much of the Democratic platform but be pro-life. That could happen too. I could be a veteran and support people kneeling at the flag. I can be a gun enthusiast and support gun control. I can be a rape victim and respect men. A man could be concerned he might be falsely accused yet support the #metoo movement.

All these things and MORE can coexist at one time. I was really moved by Brene Brown’s post on Facebook that spoke to this very issue. You’ll find it here:

This is my real thought in all of this—we cannot logically discuss any of this unless and until people truly get honest. Our discussions should be measured by true integrity sticking to what we really think and feel—and stop chitter-chattering on talking points. To stay on topic and if my beliefs, my true beliefs, do not fit a moral box I’ve set for myself, that I should really take an honest look at the choices I am making and the origins of my belief system. We each owe this process first to ourselves, but to our communities and to society as well.

All of this got me thinking about Ecclesiastes 3. In this chapter, Solomon lists “a time” for many things—to die, to laugh, to dance, to plan, to gather…it goes on and on. If you take the time to consider the list, you realize that many of these items too can coexist and they are not mutually exclusive. For us to truly be honest, we must face these breathtaking paradoxes.

Dearest Heavenly Father, life can be so confusing. There are so many choices, it can be very hard to know what we should do at any given time. Please give us the guidance to know and seek your will, and to truly be honest with ourselves about our motivations so that we can stay with Your moral guidelines of love, truth, mercy and justice. In Your Mighty Name…

If you have prayer requests for me, lay’em on me. I love and miss you.

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