Angry at the Sheep Luke 15

Praying over the City at Bruegger’s Bagels (800 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN).
November 27, 2018Saint Paul

I still have NOT found my morning groove. I miss biking to the Cathedral. I miss it so much. I thought it would be better to get to the gym before my writing. Something about the exercise offers inspiration, but there is little creative spark inside a cage on a treadmill. My inspiration comes from the wind, the sun, the rain, the tree, the lights, and the people. I need to be connected to the Spiritual Energy of Creation to get the “spark”. So, I continue to struggle as to what I should do in the morning to energize my “spark” and my abs.

This morning I’ve been praying a lot. It seems I have this underlying frustration. To be honest, it’s anger. I am pissed off. What is happening in the world is a BIG deal. Fires are burning, people are getting laid off, we are ruining this planet, farmers need a bailout, and we are tear gassing poor, deprived refugees—and those in power are claiming this is just okay. Worse yet, a significant percentage of the people in the USA think it’s okay too. They voted for it and as near as I can tell, they are enjoying this. It sickens me.

Underneath it all, my “frustration” is BIGGER than these individual issues. The choice to support this insanity speaks to a deeper, evil issue—selfish tribalism. In one-way shape or form, those that support this sort of agenda believe they are entitled to a certain life and have lost the compassion to see that we are all in this together. I want to scream, SNAP OUT OF IT! But until your own Spiritual light comes on, those in the dark will not see. God is in charge of this process so the only thing I can do is pray and speak truth. It really does no good to be angry at the sheep so I keep praying.

This is identical to what was happening in Jesus’ time. This is not something new. Satan has been using our selfish desires against us since the beginning—THE BEGINNING. I was reading Luke 15 today and the first line says, “Now the tax collectors and ‘sinners’ were all gathering around him…” I immediately thought, “We are all sinners. Not a one of us is better than another. WE are ALL in this together.”

The irony, the very next line has the Pharisees and teachers ‘muttering’, “This man welcomes sinners…” Muttering is another word for gossiping. These ‘holy’ people are sitting there sinning. They have pride in their hearts and they are looking down on others. They are NOT filled with love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, or joy. They are ‘muttering’ their intolerance and elevating themselves. They too are ‘sinners’.

Through three stories, Jesus goes on to talk about how heaven and the Father (or mother) rejoices when even one comes into the fold. Jesus was here to unite us. He came to tear down walls, to break away rules, and to demolish barriers that stop us from helping others. We must do so to fulfill our God given destiny and connect to our Creator on a deeper Spiritual level.

I get it. I understand. I fear for the future too, but the more I understand the writing of Jesus, His mission was clear. He loves the farmers. He loves the migrants. He loves the children—He especially loved the children. He fought for justice. He crossed borders and He empowered people. He released people. He was (and is) a mighty warrior of truth and justice. He loved. He cried. He was afraid. He got downright pissed off. He modeled the BEST way to be.

Dearest Heavenly Father (or Mother), I am so eternally grateful You sent Your son to earth so help model for us what you desire us to be. I ask that you take from me every selfish desire and fear so that I might be more helpful to others. I seek Your will and Your desire for my life. In Your Holy and Mighty name…

I seem to be on constant prayer lately. So much tragedy. If you have any requests for me, please send them on over.

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