Time to Move—Deuteronomy 1:6-7

April 5, 2019**

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve missed it and it’s not that I haven’t wanted to post. Much is going on and writing always connects and grounds me. It helps me process and feel supported. I crave it and for two days, I’ve had something on my mind and my heart, yet the time to put it here for you has eluded me.

A couple of days ago, I received this devotional from Christine Caine, IT’S TIME TO MOVE. It landed in my inbox at just a time that things were falling apart with my rental options for a month to month lease. To find one reasonably priced is near impossible and this company was behaving impossibly. I am a responsible renter—I’m worth having. My current landlord even told them as much, yet to find a way to rent a place from them was horrendous. In a phrase, “they were jacking me around”, and if they were willing to do this while I’m trying to get in, can you imagine how they might treat me when I’m trying to get out?

I was in a bleak period. All my plans I’d been pulling together to secure a place were breaking apart and falling. I was broken and dejected and rambling in my head was an idea that had come to me a couple years prior—to live out of my car, traveling around, blogging, vlogging, connecting to God, and to you too.

I’d thought I would call the series making myself homeless and possibly write a book about it. Please, do NOT misunderstand, the title, MAKING MYSELF HOMELESS, I’m not settled on it. My choice to move into my car, with a 5-digit limit on more than one credit card, cash in the bank, and a job I can take anywhere is a VERY FAR stretch from those who are truly homeless. I do not want to minimize their blight by adopting a citche title for a book. I use this reluctantly so if you have a better title for me, please let me know.

I’m scared as heck. If you know me, I’m a planner. Off into advance. It’s helped me create a successful business, but in God’s world, sometimes we must cast off our plans and go with what He wants for us. In this instance, I feel like He’s really making His will known. I have a couple places I’m looking at Saturday. Many students are leaving for this summer, needing someone to sublet, but…

As scared as I am about traveling around living out of my car, I’m also excited. When I grabbed a backpack and headed to Europe, it was the most liberating and Spiritually Devine time in my life. The hyper-connection was palatable, and I crave it. I figure, if I do this adventure, it would be the same, and to be clear, I do not intend to sleep in my car, but to stay at various places. Renting rooms here and there, all reasonably priced, I can’t afford much, just like I did in Italy. In fact, it’ll be summer, maybe I’ll camp. I’ve owned a tent for YEARS and never slept in it myself.

Jesus was always on the move. He had no home. In fact, the town He was raised in rejected Him. In Matthew 8:20, He says, “…the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” What better way to connect than to live, in part, as He did? And what could I ultimately learn from the process?

I don’t know. I’m still considering it all and would like your input. There are two things that I do know: God’s plan is often counterintuitive to what we believe we want and need. In fact, I often think that the Spiritual realm is like opposite world. It is 180 degrees from the world philosophy and, as a result, a vast separation from what our instincts tell us we should do. Second, when I consider the day when all my stuff is packed in a storage unit and I’ve got a few essentials in the car with me, I sense a comfortable, confidence in driving off. Like there’s an adventure out there that I will only experience if I take this step, and honestly, when in our lives do all the stars align to allow something like this to happen?

Your thoughts and considerations on this would be GREATLY appreciated, and please let me know if you have any prayer requests. I miss you.

Dearest Heavenly Father (or Mother), so many times it is so hard to know what you want us to do—what is your will. Please walk with us, guide us, and continue to illuminate our path…and please protect us. We know you are with us. May we feel you always. Thank you so much for all the blessings that we have that we even have these choices of how our future may look. You are Devine and we thank you. In Your Mighty and Holy name…

**This was originally written April 5, 2019 and with all that I’ve had going on, I neglected to post it. Since that time, I’ve found a place to call home for the next few months. It’s near the Cathedral making it easier to get this for sunrise this summer. More about that in the next post.

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