Mom – You Did This

For the first time since my mother passed last Tuesday, I feel to the center part of my being that she is both with me and in a better place. I no longer worry that she’s lost and afraid. I know she is grounded in a Holy Wisdom that lets her see beyond the here and now with an acuity, only God can bring. She is shadowed into an Eternal Light of Love that brings with it measures of tolerance, acceptance, sacrifice, forgiveness, and kindness of which I can only imagine.

I know these things because there have been times that God has awoken my soul to these things when I’ve allowed Him (Her) to. My mother is in the presence of the Creator. These things now fully flow in and through her.

This picture is Christmas 2018. My mother is the lovely lady to the left. As she passed and all of us surrounded her, I told her, “We are all here. You did this.” I look at this picture, and I think the same–YOU DID THIS. We are her legacy. May we walk forward cloaked in the love and laughter she uniquely shared with us.

Love you, mom. So grateful you’ll continue on in our journey. ❤

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