Hurt People Hurt People Luke 23:34

Praying over the city at Claddagh Coffee.

September 12, 2018 · Saint Paul ·

This morning I woke unsure where to head. Nina’s being closed has thrown me off. I listened to a podcast yesterday about the routine and mundane balancing us—grounding us. That’s certainly true for me—I need my routine. I decided to head east to just see where the morning brought me and am so glad I did. I caught the pink of sunrise immediately and it energized my entire ride.

Today I have two thoughts about healing pain on my mind and I’m unsure which direction to go—too much like my morning ride. LOL! Both have been milling around in my head, but I think I’ll go with the most impactful one first, leaving the other for maybe tomorrow. (God might spur something else so I cannot commit. :))

Someone posted about the Minneapolis tent community yesterday and much of the post took a negative turn. It was shocking, honestly, how mean people were being considering they were referring to people living in tents. For some reason the focus became immigration because the person posting believed this entire camp was illegal immigrants, and then his brother posted this (paraphrased, of course), “I have an idea—let’s put them in a boat, send’em back, and then sink the f-er. That’ll show’em.”

I’m still shocked and outraged. For someone to think that, is bad enough. To put it in print and then defend it, that’s a whole different level, but this is the most important part of this post, I wasn’t mad. I was utterly heartbroken. I thought, and I even asked, “What hurt you so horribly?” To which, he then attacked me and granted, it really isn’t my business. Did I really think I would get a thoughtful response to that question from a stranger willing to talk about killing innocent people? HELLO!

We’ve heard it, we know it, but we really need it to sink in, “Hurt people hurt people.” I know my interactions with other people who are doing hurtful things always work better when I apply a bit of compassion and understanding.

Even bigger than that, if we have “hurts”, we need to get them healed. We all have a personal responsibility to stop this cycle of hurt/abuse, and we can’t stop it unless we take the time to heal. Heck, I used to be a big bag of anger. I had lots of stuff going on with that, and sometimes, all that negativity pops back up. But I have a responsibility to myself, the people I love, and the world at large to work with God to patch all that up so I can share Light and Love instead.

Dearest Heavenly Father, during Your time on earth, You were hurt too, but in Your pain, You still loved us. May you be the model of how we can heal our hurts. Praying for forgiveness for the person who caused the pain is what You showed us to do. (Luke 23:34) Many times those people who are hurting us don’t know it and they are hurting too. Lord, help us to heal all of that through your Mercy and Grace. We are all broken people and only through you will we be restored. In Your Holy and Mighty Name…

May you be blessed until then and if you’ve got any prayer requests, lay’em on me. I love you tons. Happy Healing! <3

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