How Is That Hate? Proverbs 13:5a

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January 27, 2019 · Roseville ·

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, many of my Christian friends have had questions and concerns about my political stance. Even though we hold the same faith and seemingly the same beliefs, since my views much of the time conflict with their views, these friends have thought me off track. To learn more about this, please see a recent blog published on January 22, 1019, FINDING YOUR WAY:

So, this blog entry is to answer a friend’s questions about an article he shared with me about ILLEGALS GETTING TAX REFUNDS. I can’t find the article. It was removed from Facebook. This doesn’t surprise me. When I first saw it, I told my friend, “Not to share this hate with me.”

To which he had the following questions for me, “How is this hate? I see this as a fact calling for the enforcement of the laws and regulations.” He then went on to say, “Even Canada has immigration standards and limits on assistance that is available. Shouldn’t we too?”

This is really several issues so let me start here, I don’t believe anyone is fighting for open borders. People on the left of the political spectrum as well as the right realize we must have sensible immigration laws. That is not being disputed and I think it is very harmful with those on either side of this debate jump to the “extreme” of claiming because someone doesn’t want the same restriction on immigration that they are saying they want NO laws surrounding entry. That’s not the case.

So, the question about Canada or even statements about locking one’s house are a moot point. We all agree we need sensible reform. Moreover, the point on “limits on assistance” is a misnomer too. There are several false stories and claims running around stating things like, “Illegal immigrants get Medicaid and assistance…” Whereas we might offer financial assistance to those who migrate here legally, there are no statutes for which I am aware that allow someone without proper documentation to access and benefit by our welfare programs. I teach classes on this information. I am familiar with the statutes and have called to people to provide proof to these claims. To date, no proof is forthcoming.

These claims about immigrants robbing Americans, instead, are lies created to form a divide between those born in this country of European decent and those who are of color. This is the ‘hate’ spread by separatist groups to get people angry at immigrants, indigenous, and anyone else these elitists believe are less deserving than white folks might be of the riches and opportunity available in America. This is specifically why I called the article about ILLEGALS GETTING TAX REFUNDS ‘hate’.

Listen, I understand we should enforce laws and if there is someone breaking the law, we should crackdown and take care of it. The reason I deemed this article ‘hate’ is because they intentionally pointed the problem to those who might have immigrated here to point the problem at someone not-native born versus simple enforcement of a law. This is also why tactics and belief like these get labeled ‘racism’.

After all, if we have a problem with overutilization or unlawful use of any program or benefit, we should just take care of it. We should NOT label it an immigration problem or name specific ‘groups’ of people as the problem. That is hate. That is racism. That is separatism and that is what I stand against.

While we are on this subject of lies set to divide, I think it is very important to note that separatist groups are spreading all sort of lies that many good-hearted people believe. This belief in these lies means many who are for very strict immigration reform have then based their opinions on incorrect information. If they knew the truth, they might change their mind.

Moreover, there are a great number of white people who do not want to consider the complexities of racism and the injustice we’ve created. I understand it. I was there too, but this compounds the problem making even less important that the typical white person will be moved to do anything to help level the playing field.

Proverbs 13:5a The righteous hate what is false.

We must seek truth. We must seek God’s will for how He wants us to treat all people. My convictions remain strong that we need to treat all people, from all countries, with a greater measure of humanity. We are so blessed in the USA and there is much we can do to help bless others.

Dearest Heavenly Father (Mother), please offer us your wise discernment so that we may easily recognize truth. That we see others with your loving eyes, and may our hearts open to the compassion that you supply. We are all sinners. Not a one better than the other. May we work to love like that always. In Your Mighty Name…

Please bring your prayer requests forward. You are loved.

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