A Fire Burns

Do you have more snow at home? We have FIRE. The dump is on fire.

Friday afternoon, I could see plumes of very black smoke in distance. By that evening, I found out the large garbage heap on the edge of town was on fire.

Yesterday morning was hazy. By afternoon, the wind must have shifted because it was clear. I thought the fire was out. But in the middle of the night, I woke to an icky smoke smell in my condo. It’s the first day ever since I arrived that I’m in my condo with all the windows closed.

Sitting here, I am thinking about so many things. People live at the dump. It’s tragic enough that human beings make their home near a pile of garbage because that is the most opportune spot to possibly get something of value but they also had no where to go when this horrible fire started.

This Sunday morning many Mexicans are still off to work. Some were here on vacation. I heard the birds. They have no other choice but to flit around in this human made tragedy.

I am also thinking of Palestine, Ukraine, and all people who have woken to smoke because of bombs near their homes. What is that like day after day?

We have to do better. We must. So much of this could be avoided. Do we really need all this stuff that makes all this garbage? Maybe we could start there since we can’t seem to get people to understand they shouldn’t kill people over land or anything else.

Please pray the smoke clears all over the world and our eyes open to how we each can make the world a little brighter. Thank you.

Morning in Mazatlán

As of this posting April 21, 2024, this fire still burns affecting the air quality in Mazatlán.

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